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Upholstery Furniture Warranty

Frames and Springs: Lifetime Warranty – The wooden frame parts and springs in the furniture are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the furniture frame. “Lifetime” means the normal, useful life as determined by the manufacturer (7 years).

Fabric : 1 year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects, only to the extent of the warranty provided to Magnolia by its fabric suppliers. Since manufacturers of upholstery fabrics do not guarantee their products for wearability or color fastness, fading, pilling (see details below), shrinkage, wrinkling and stretching, those properties are not covered under this warranty. *Fabric warranty is voided when a aftermarket fabric treatment (see RAFT below) is applied.

RAFT: It has been determined by the Joint Industry Fabric Standards Committee that various fabric treatment processes may be detrimental to the performance of fabrics. Therefore, neither Magnolia nor the fabric mill can be responsible for any claims involving fabrics that have Retail Applied Fabric Treatment.

Limitations: The warranty contained herein shall be in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Liability for incidental or consequential damages under the warranty is excluded.

The following additional limitations apply to all warranties contained herein:

  1. The warranties extend to the original purchaser only and are not transferable.
  2. The warranties do not apply to rental, business, commercial, institutional or other non-residential use.
  3. Fabric, leather and other covers are excluded from warranties.
  4. The warranties do not apply to any condition caused by damage, improper use, or abuse occurring after the date of sale to the original purchaser. Such damage, improper use or abuse will void all warranties.
  5. All warranties are subject to the availability of repair or replacement parts.

Pilling: Pilling is known as loose strands or balls of fiber that form on the fabric’s surface.  It is caused by abrasion wear, and can be fibers of the fabric itself or a fabric which has come in contact with it.

However, it is important to note that pilling is not a fabric defect or fault, and is not covered under warranty. It can be compared to the shedding experienced when purchasing a new sweater or new carpet – think about the way newly installed carpet or a new sweater behaves, as there are constantly new loose fibers coming to the surface over the first few months of use. This is completely normal and will reduce once the excess fibers are gone.

Consumers are sometimes concerned that pilling means that the fabric is wearing away and disintegrating – this is not the case.  Pilling is a normal occurrence caused by wear and tear, and does not affect the durability or functionality of the fabric.  It is easily removable. Find out more in the Customer Tools section of our website.

Pilling Grades: (ISO-12945-2:2000 Martindale Method with 415g loading mass, 200 cycles):
Grade 5 – No change
Grade 4 – Slight surface fuzzing
Grade 3 – Moderate surface pilling. Pills of varying size and density partially covering the surface
Grade 2 – Distinct surface piling. Pills of various size and density covering a large proportion of the surface
Grade 1 – Severe pilling covering whole surface of the fabric

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