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Crypton Home Fabric by Magnolia Fabrics

Crypton Home Fabric is intelligent stain & odor resistant INDOOR FABRIC, ready for spills, drops or whatever comes their way. Offered in a wide variety of fabric textures and colors, our fabrics are soft yet strong. Easy to clean, we give designers the freedom to create a beautiful home and homeowners the freedom to live a beautiful life.

*** It is not suggested that Crypton Home fabrics be used for outdoor applications.

Whether you’re part of a family, a pet lover, or designing a home for all of the above, Crypton Home Fabric can stand up to life’s toughest messes.


Home is where people are most comfortable, so feel free to kick up your feet and live without limits! With Crypton Home Fabric, performance is woven into the fabric’s DNA so you can enjoy life and all its messes without sacrificing beauty. Giving designers the freedom to create and letting homeowners live without fear.

It’s part fabric. Part magic. Perfect for reupholstering furniture, Crypton Home Fabric resists stains, repels odors, and keeps moisture at bay, protecting your things and the planet in the process.


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